Boss Capital Review

Company Details

Broker Name Boss Capital
Website Link
Telephone Number +44 203 519 3488
Email Address [email protected]
Fax Address Not Available
Physical Address Cheschire Capital Ltd, Cavell House Stannard Place, Crispins Rd, Norwich, NR3 1YE, United Kingdom
Regulated by N/A

Customer Service

Customer service hours: 24/7
Livechat Available
Support Team Available


Currency Available
Indices Available
Stocks Available
Commodities Available


Deposit Bonus As per Deposit amount - Min = 25 % Max=100%
First Deposit Bonus As per Deposit amount - Min = 25 % Max=100%
Special Event Bonus Not Available
Birthday Bonus Not Available

Special Features

Mobile Application Available (Android only)
Social Trading Not Available
Competitions Not Available
Social Media        

Trading Platform

Platform OS Compatibility Online(Win/MAC)
Languages available 8
Streaming news Available
Platform Provider Tech Financials

Trading Tools

Classic Available
Touch Available
Short Term Available
Boundary Available

Boss Capital is a recent broker in the field of binary options aiming to attain excellence in trading. Conceived by a team of experienced market professionals, they stand for the latest technology, high payouts and quality service. Throughout the Boss Capital review, BinaryRanking will scrutinize this new lad in binary options and showcase its strengths as well as its weaknesses.

Boss Capital has many perks to its credit to offer to its valuable customers and this has already earned this broker a place amongst top binary options brokers. This broker is UK-London based and offers its first deposit at $200. Its payout can reach up to 87% and the minimum trade amount is $10 and you can contact this broker through email, phone, live chat or fill out a contact form.

However, this broker raised a few eyebrows in the binary options industry with little information obtained pertaining to its regulations. Can this broker be scam? We shall find more about this broker together in the review.

Boss Capital Platform

So this broker promises huge payouts of up to 87% depending on the account that you choose for trading. Something really cool and appealing for traders who are looking for the right edge to start trading. It’s platform is user-friendly and you come across its features quite easily. A platform easy to view and understandable, aren’t these something that all traders look for? Here’s what’s cool about this broker. Very convenient and useful. Thumbs up for this broker’s platform from our side!

Boss Capital platform

Now the slider displayed above is clickable and redirects you to start trading page, where you can open an account. Don't worry, later in this review you will also learn how simple it is to open an account with them. The best part of this platform is that a demo account is present there. The demo account is laden with techniques of how to choose your asset, select your expiry time and trade. So if you have not started trading yet, you can try out their demo and see how their trading functions. In our opinion this broker really wants to provide useful information instead of just pushing you to open account and trade.

An advantage of this broker’s platform is that you get a direct glimpse on its features not having to move to other pages. We like this broker, as you get to know about its educational academy on the platform. You think that’s all? No, they got more to show on the platform. You get to learn about their payment methods and have an idea of the number of languages they offer. Hold on there! You might not be happy to know that other brokers offer a broader use of languages and to our opinion, 8 languages are lesser than expectations. Now let’s peep into their trading platform.

The Trading Platform

As we promised earlier, here’s how simple it is to start trading with Boss Capital:

Open account - Open an account, no need to deposit asap and wait for they will send confirmation of your account details through your e-mail.

Deposit: Complete full registration and deposit an initial amount of $200.

Trade: Choose a trading method and trade - they are available in CALL/PUT , Boundary, Touch and Short-term.

At the end of this little process of trading, all profits that you beget will be directly funded in your account.

Throughout our research, we found some useful information for adept traders who would like to give Boss Capital a green signal. Their trading platform is powered by TechFinancials, which is their platform provider.

Now what is so special about this platform provider?

TechFinancials is a renowned platform provider and makes use of premium binary options technology, which provides an up-to-date platform and has been conceived specially for brokers.

Also found on the trading platform was a list of assets listed on a given table. The assets can be traded within a specific time. Given that you can choose from 200 + assets; assets that can be traded are listed with their respective payouts, target and expiry time.

Boss Capital Trading Platform

Minimum Deposit Amount

Often you will notice that most brokers require an initial deposit of $250 while Boss Capital allows you to start trading with a deposit of $200. Quite a change isn’t it? After analyzing many brokers, we found that this broker offers traders something way exceptional. If you are ‘in-the-money’, you will obviously obtain your gains but if your trade falls ‘out-of-money’, you will still receive 15 percent of your initial investment. Simple, if you deposit $200, you recover 15 percent out of $200 if your trade fails.

That means you do not lose all of your money. Also, interestingly short-term trades with Boss Capital can be done at $10 on Call/PUT option. Therefore, as a beginner, you can carry out 20 trades of $10 with $200 just to start knowing the platform, their different assets and know how the trading system functions. This is definitely a great kick-start opportunity into binary options trading for those who want to initiate their trading experience. Not convinced yet? We got more in store; next check the account packages of Boss Capital.

Boss Capital Account Packages

Before we move on to other specifications of this broker, a glance at Boss Capital’s various account packages will be nice. So you can choose from account types listed below:

  • Mini
  • Starter
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The packages start with an initial deposit of $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000 and $25,000 respectively and each of these packages have their own bonus and specifications.

Boss Capital Account Package

Seriously, this broker is a binary options diva! The beauty and intelligence of trading binary options amalgamated just for you! All of the above mentioned account packages provide their own bonus terms which we will discuss in the promotions and bonus section. Surely, now you must be eager to know if this broker is worth your trust or not?

Boss Capital, Regulated or not?

Boss Capital is associated with Trading Central which is an investment research provider. An investorside Excellence award winner in 2008 and in the same year it won best research provider award with integrity research. Trading Central also ranked amongst five top performing US stock portfolio in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 with Investors top performing investment research. Trading Central is compliant with three leading market authorities, which are AMF, U.S. securities and Exchange commission (Sec) and Hong-Kong based Securities and Futures commission (SFC).

Since Boss Capital focuses more technical analysis as its core business, it’s partnership with Trading Central is a plus for this broker. However, we should still want to draw your attention to the fact that Boss Capital is not regulated. Though it has some excellent partnerships with eminent financial organisations, the lack of regulatory body governing the broker is its weakness.

Oh snap! This must have let you down! On the contrary, what we have to say is that so far our experience with the broker has been awesome, if not perfect and our team would like to remind traders that regulations are definitely an advantage but not a must.

Boss Capital Support

We must admit that we were totally floored by the support service offered by Boss Capital personnel. At start we made a few queries generally related to binary options and they took less than 10 seconds to reply. 10 seconds are fair enough, right? Ask us and our reply is yes. Generally support from other brokers that we tested,took time to reply, but Boss Capital support was quick.

So what do they offer in terms of support?

  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Contact form
  • Email

Log on to [email protected] and test them right now, but do not forget to register with them.

So earlier we came to the conclusion that Boss Capital is not regulated, but let us put this straight, very few brokers can offer such excellent service despite being regulated. You can be welcomed in 8 languages you have 24/7 support.

Seriously, there was no “Euh wait, i’ll connect you to some other department”; and all our questions were replied by one single person. This led us to believe that they are well acquainted with their products and services. A broker that caters and trains its personnel to serve you is what you need. You still think Boss Capital is scam? Then we urge you to read further. We are sure that you’ll be convinced of this broker in less than no time.

Boss Capital Support

Is Boss Capital a Scam ?

To our eyes, this broker stood high and we are not putting Boss Capital in the scam box. This broker is not controlled by a regulatory body but regardless of it being regulated or not, this broker will certainly provide you with the best service.

Though there is a lack of legit evidence pointing towards this broker being scam, we would still advise traders that if they are not sure of this broker, they may choose other reliable brokers who are regulated. We understand that many traders would want a regulated broker but in our opinion this broker is not scam.

Our Opinion

In less than no time, Boss Capital managed to create its own identity in the binary options industry. Quite clear why an unregulated broker has made it amongst top brokers, right? Our team thinks that Boss Capital has what is takes to be a good and reliable broker which is ready to offer its traders the best trading medium. With a minimum of $200 of initial deposit, we think that it’s a good deal to look out for, not forgetting the 87% payout that it offers.

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Time to learn! Boss Capital has an impressive arsenal of educational tools, in the name of its Trading Academy, through which it offers:

  • Free ebook
  • Video courses (Basic Academy courses and Advanced Academy courses)
  • Webinars
  • How to trade
  • Market News

Unlike other traders, Boss Capital lets you tour the binary options industry essentials through its free eBook. The eBook talks of the world of global trading, trading psychology as well as capital management, market analysis and trader strategies.

An awesome library opening the world of binary options to you and which is Free! No deposit required and we deem this as a great advantage. Certainly you cannot venture in an industry of which you have no clue.

Don’t you want to know if the videos are accessible?

All the videos in the basic academy courses section are free and can be viewed though you are not logged in or signed up. Ok now, this broker is totally enticing us! Most brokers demand you to sign in or sign up or block some of their videos to be viewed unless you deposit. But here, there is no login, no sign-up and no deposit required. Just relax and watch the videos. A small remark though, the enlisted topics on their eBook have been adapted in form of videos in the basic academy section. We thought of letting you know, just in case.

What about the Binary Option introduction videos?

This section is divided into two segments:

Boss Capital Videos

Wait, there is more!

Advanced Academy courses offers three types of video courses:

  • Winning Tactic
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis

And guess what! All of them are free, no sign-up or login required. We’re sure you’ve fallen in love with this broker. You got everything right from the basic to the advanced. You are good to start trading after viewing all these videos. Attention! Watch moderately. Do not try to assimilate too much is less time. Learn all the techniques in a stepwise manner and try your hands at trading.


Ah, one disadvantage with this broker is that the webinars provided are single-topical webinars and very often repeated. So here, you will not get varying topics but merely one-time topic webinar subject and we could not really find out the frequency in the change of webinar topics.

However, you can access their webinars here:

The aim of Boss Capital trading academy is to cater for the needs of any type of trader who opens an account with them. Therefore, in the educational treasury of Boss Capital, you may find basic academy courses meant for beginners and advanced traders with their respective features.

Boss Capital Education

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Boss Capital payment methods are as follows:

Bank Wire/ Master Card/ Visa/ JCB/ Verisign/ 18+/ Maestro

Boss Capital Payment Method

With Boss Capital you will be offered fair withdrawal methods and can be requested at any time by contacting your account manager. They will need to verify all your documents again, by documents we mean compliance documents that most brokers demand while opening an account. The same are required while you want to withdraw your money.

So to withdraw your money through credit card, there is no fee, but if you withdraw through bank wire, a fee of $30 is applicable. Normally withdrawal procedures are carried out within 2 business days but the balance will take around 5-7 days to appear on your account.

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On the promotion level, our team did not come across incredible features or competitions like other brokers. They have no banners which indicate to any kind of promotions or offers. All of their offers are normally included to the account types and bear no grandeur as such.

As for bonuses, you may receive them by choosing a specific type of account with them:

  • With a mini account you gain 25% bonus
  • With a starter account type you get 30% bonus.
  • Upon choosing a silver account of $5000, you receive 50% bonus with one risk-free trade
  • With Gold account $10,000 you receive 75% bonus and 3 risk-free trades.
  • Lastly, with a Platinum account you get 100% bonus and 5 risk-free trades.

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