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How does the Community Reviews work?

Our biggest strength? Our community of traders! Here you will find real traders’ reviews based on their experiences. To get started, simply select a broker from the dropdown menu along with the type of reviews and TADA!

Latest Community Reviews
BinaryOnline is a promising broker. Simply the best of the best.
Nice one!
Don't invest in this scammers!!!! It is ilegal to not give to members money back even he accepted the bonus. For example if you invest 250 Euro and you loose 30 Euro and you accept the Bonus of 250 Euro it is ilegal not to give you back your 220 Euro wich you own it and is your money. This broker is not regulated by anyone so if you have problems you can't make a complain to anybody. You will just be humiliated by support agents, by expert traders. If you wish to trade on 60 seconds the platform it is delaying your entry you can cancel your entry only 15th times, after that it is considered you are abusing of this feature and it will be removed. Into other words you are forced to accept you are loosing money because of the issue of the platform. All they promise to you is just lies. They are from Bulgaria but do their busines in UK they are registered they sell tobaco in UK but they work as brokers in binary options. Be carefull don't trust anything what they are telling you.
Only 3 Day Withdrawal Process - very fast and excellent support team !
Was a good experience.
This is amazing. I can't believe I got $300.
BON the best!
The FAQ section of binaryonline is just amazing. I spent half day on this section learning all about binary options, as a beginner i really enjoy having these pertinent info at hand. The following day i watch their videos, binaryonline offers like a complete training to its traders. And i appreciate that they did this for beginners like me, i was not feeling ready to trade when i opened my takeoff account there, but my account manager directed me towards this section and now i can say that i know what trading is all about.
The best thing with Magnum option is that you can copy the trades of more experienced trades with their social trading feature
I've traded with them for last months, and I am pleased to say that 24option customer support service is great. they are responsive and friendly.
Magnum option has some advisors who actually help out a lot. My advisor is pretty cool.
Am a beginner in binary options and I would not hesitate to reccomend Magnum options. The way they take yo uto trade is nice.
Their services awed me when i went throught the platform. They have a great array of choices, it is great to trade with Boss Capital, simple, straightforward techniques.
this is the first time i see a trading platform like binaryonline. usually the trading platforms i come across all have more than 4 trading tools and do not have features such as social trading which i find very interessting. i was feeling lost at first but with the help of the winners corner i managed to make my way through this totally new platform.
I prefer using 24option’s mobile app on my phone as it gives me instant access while on the go.
"Very reliable in terms of payments . I have withdrawn numerous times and each time my money has been sent very quickly .Your money is 1000%secure! "
I like them because i made there $2500 in a single day but if i have to get in details, they are very professional broker.
What i really like with 24Option is that they are always online and is regulated by Cysec. Moreover, they have a very good online trainings via skype with your manager.
What i really like is that they have the most affordable account packages compared to the other brokers!
Would you believe that i received my money in my bank account after only 3 days from an unregulated broker? i think that people tend to judge some unregulated brokers too quickly. Not all the apple of the basket are rotten, there are genuine ones such as binaryonline which deserves to have a chance as like i said, a broker does not require to be regulated to provide genuine and good services to its customers.
24option support is good and very friendly. Their bonuses are really great. Quick withdrawals.
Six account types to choose from. I found this nice.
Good platform, very fast acept trades with a split of a sec, no issues.
I admire their support,they give you an account manager to attend to your requests. Two thumbs up for 24Option! One of the best broker for me!
24options trading platform is packed with a lot of useful tools that really helps in making more informed trading decisions. They are definitely one of the most fully equipped binary options trading platfor
what is the problem of this trading platform? i asked for a withdrawal proceedure 4 days ago and i am still waiting for it to reach my bank account? is there a problem or will you finally decide to pay me my money! i am not joking i want my money.
Binaryonline helped me to better understand the binary options industry thanks to my very patient account manager who guide me through the whole process of opening an account. She did not force me into anything and i appreciated the fact that she has always respected all my decisions pertaining to my investments amount and to my trades. overall its a very good experience.
I was septical about online trading and making money online, but my boyfriend convinced me to start this adventure. i opted for binaryonline because they were as new i was. i documented myself a lot before opening an account, i found all the information i was looking for in their faq section i must say that i was impressed by the segmentation and the variety of questions they made available. i also found it creepy its like they were in my head and answering all the questions that i was about to asked. i also had much fun trying the hyper tool and i made $100 in only 60 sec!! im very proud and i like this trading platform.
The feature that caught my attention on binaryonline was the fact that its trading platform is completely new age. I think that the strength of binaryonline lies in the fact that its new in the industry, hence it already knows what other brokers did wrong. I think that this broker is a promising one.
I never opened an account with other broker but i looked for a broker with a clean reputation and i found binaaryonline. Not having several bad reviews is always a good sign in addition, i like the trading platform its not too much there is only essential information displayed and it is very user friendly. I recently switched to the mobile version of their trading platform its very nice and much more convenient for me.
There are many positive points about Opteck, whgat i like the most is there well designed mobile app, it helped me to work my normal regular job and trade at the same time.
"I can only say I am impressed with 24Option. Although I am a trader with a small investment I still get weekly call from account manager and the regular e-training webinars are fantastic."
i love the takeoff account, i received a nice bonus and i am impatiently waiting for the webinar i am sure that i will learn a lot. my account manager helped me to understand how the platform works and i think that this broker will help me to become rich.
Am heart broken, i have invested my retirement fund in Opteck thinking that I will double it and be able to be more at ease, the contrary happened, i lost it all, in 5 trades :(
I like this platform very much to work with, for me it's the best one. Great platform and very much choices about expiry times, 1,2,5 minutes and longer trades are possible.
Opteck, YOU ROCK! Thank you for helping me make money to pay for my medical expenses, you are simply the best, forever grateful to you guys!
I have traded with 24option broker and twice requested my deposit back..quickly they refunded my money..honest broker
Am enjoying trading with 24option. Payouts are not the highest but good while customer service is helpful.
Each time I place a trade on 60sec trading the website just hangs, So I can't double up before the trade expires ... I really don't know if its from my place.. But they should give their customer a good platform if they want us to trade with them.
Binaryonline is one of the most transparent broker i had the chance to come across, i like the several posts they publish on their social media pages its like they have nothing to hide i love this honnesty that they have. i started to trade last month and so far i did not have any problems. Cross fingers that it continues.

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