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BinaryRanking is a community, where traders are not only provided with accurate broker reviews but are also given a platform where they can interact with each other and find reliable and real user reviews to avoid scam brokers.
Unlike typical reviewer websites, BinaryRanking is full of features destined to render your trading experience even more fruitful. With BR you will basically come across 3 main features. We help you choose a broker based on your preferences, you get to read unbiased broker reviews and you get to share your experience with the trader’s community. You also have your fair share in bringing brokers up or down our list with your votes.
No, traders cannot place trades on BinaryRanking as we are not a brokerage firm. However, if traders are interested in trading, we can help them choose the best binary broker which would suit their requirements.
Traders will always find first hand information on our website as we do not skimp on the means to obtain data and do our research work. In fact, we boast in having a community of real traders sharing their factual trading experiences along with a team specialised in broker investigation.
No, BinaryRanking is not a scam, it is a website created to help traders find their way in the binary options industry. All the information provided are from real traders experience. Besides, there are no registration fees or any other charges for you to form part of the community.
No. we are not affiliated to any of the brokers that we reviewed on our website. This is why we can proudly claim that our brokers reviews are unbiased and reliable.


The ranks displayed on our leaderboard is solely controlled by our traders. If a broker receives a multitude of Up Votes, then it will without any doubts be among the top 3 of our Binary Option Broker Ranking. Find out more on how we rank brokers.
The Choose the Best feature has been conceived to you help spend less time looking for brokers meeting your requirements. You set the filters and we do the hard-work.
Usually investors take 3 factors into consideration before investing with a broker, the minimum investment, the bonus offered and the regulation. Taking this into consideration, BinaryRanking has created Choose the Best with the same concept in mind. With this feature, you can filter your search by setting parameters based on the 3 above-mentioned factors. Once you are done setting the filters, you will get a list of brokers suiting your requirements.
To join our community of traders and share your opinion with other traders, you must first open an account with us, which is absolutely free.

BinaryRanking account:

Joining BinaryRanking is totally free! Traders can freely sign up on our website and start using our unique features without paying one single dollar.
Having your BinaryRanker profile opens doors to many features. For instance, you will be able to have your say over the leaderboard by voting brokers up or down. Also, you will have the opportunity to interact with other members of the community and enjoy benefits like exclusive access to our powerhouse.
You vote up to 3 brokers on the leaderboard. The limit has been set to three to avoid biased calculations. For more information on how it works, refer to our ‘How we Rank’ section.